Liability quote

Liability quote

Here are some frequently asked questions about liability quotes:

What is a liability quote?

A liability quote is the provision of details of the most appropriate insurance policy(s) for your demands and needs following the collection and processing of a set series of questions. There is normally a number of different options with the cheapest being provided first. Generally the cost of the policy is the leading factor in the quote but various other details are provided such as the insurer, the excess and other terms and conditions.

Do I need a liability quote?

Well, if you are involved in any way with the public in your job or if you employ people or in fact have any reason to believe that there is a risk of you being liable for any injury or damage, you will need to get a liability quote. There is no obligation when getting a quotation so if you are in any doubt then speak to an insurance advisor.

How do I get a liability quote?

Prepare yourself with details of everything to do with the liability in question. For example, if it is for your job, have details of your business to hand for potential questions. We have added a button to this page with a direct link to an insurance company that provides a comparison of quotes for you. Complete the questions, check all the terms and conditions, and if you are happy with the price then make your payment.
Liability quote